New Science and Math Contests

October 12, 2009

student-contestI learned about 2 new contests today:

1. Kids Science Challenge This is actually in its second year, but I only just discovered it. Visit the very appealing site to sign up 3rd through 6 graders in this contest that encourages kids to think about the world around them. Kids can either work by themselves, or in teams. There are loads of prizes to motivate students. And games on the website help kids to start thinking scientifically. I signed up my 4th grader immediately. It is free to register.

2.American Math Challenge

This contest is brand new, and it is also free. Students must be ages 9-14. Schools can sign up students, or if their schools aren’t participating, they can sign up as individuals – as can homeschoolers. There is one week of practice, and then the various online math challenges begins. Not a lot of prizes in this contest – but I think it will be very challenging and good for students to work on speed and accuracy. My 2 youngest will definitely be participating.

Interested in more contests? Visit Contests for Students